Have you ever lost your reading mojo?

Where has it gone?

After a Christmas holiday of trash TV and magasines (my brain couldn’t cope with anything else) I was looking forward to business as usual where my books are concerned and resuming my usual two-a-week pace in the new year.

So how many have I read so far in 2011? None.


What’s up with this picture?

OK, I may not have completeted any books yet in 2011 but I have started and am still reading two but I can only manage to get through about 20 or so pages a day. Even when I do have some quiet time and the opportunity to curl up with my book I find myself unable to take anything in and realise that I have read several pages and have no idea what I have just read.


  Am I sick?

“I’m sorry, Mrs Whisperer: I’m afraid it’s bad news…”


"Hmmm, it doesn't look good..."

  Or maybe I should see a shrink?

“This is not normal behaviour, Mrs Whisperer: There must be something wrong with your brain.”

"Lie back and tell me all about it"


Has this ever happened to you? Have you ever lost your reading mojo? If so…




25 thoughts on “Have you ever lost your reading mojo?

  1. I went through a few reading slumps last year. It was horribly painful! I just kept trying until I found a book that “clicked”. Reading novellas & short stories was helpful, because at least I finished something. Loss of interest in usually enjoyable activities can be a symptom of depression. Hope your reading mojo comes back soon.


  2. It’s the same for me!, I’m only on my 2nd book of this year… and I left the 1st one unfinished!! :oD

    Sometimes I just don’t feel like reading, but I don’t think that’s bad; for me, reading is for fun, not a chore, so if I don’t feel like it, I just don’t do it!!!!


  3. it’s something we all face unfortunatly!! the cure, however bizarre this is going to sound, is to keep going to bookstores or the library, and keep bringing appealing books home. guilt will start you to read and love of it will get you going!


  4. i guess I’m not alone after all ! I started a book and wasn’t sure it was grabbing me.. picked up at least 4 other books and read the first few pages in each and I felt just like you.. “what did i just read???”… I’ve had slumps where I read real slow, but never like this! If you find the answer let me know!


  5. Hey Boof! THis happens to me when I am not interested in the book I am currently reading. One thing I learned last year is it’s ok to dump the book and move on. Hell – I did it with one book when I only had 20 pages left to go…!!!

    I am currently in a mini-slump (havent read a WORD in a BOOK since Wednesday)!! I am hoping to break that today with Shya Scanlon’s FORECAST.. Wish me luck & don’t give up. Your mojo will come back! I promise!


  6. Comforting to see that others go through this as well. I agree that sometimes you just can’t find a book that suits your mood. It’s frustrating and feels like such a waste of time, but it will come back – and when it does you’ll enjoy reading even more!


  7. I have started books by favourite authors only to find that I can’t get into them. So I leave them for another time, knowing that I will devour them when the time is right. Like everything we do, not matter how much we love it, we sometimes need a holiday. Try something completely different, and I expect you will soon be craving a good read – of your choice, not something that you feel you must. Most of all, don’t stress about it!


  8. oh yes… been there, and survived – so send away the doctors and the shrinks! I usually try several books waiting for one to stick to the point of wanting to read it – when that doesn’t happen – what has always worked for me is I go to an old favorite.

    All other books go tot the wayside while I read a book I love and I come out the other side ready to roll again.

    Anyway – I have no degree, but it works for me 🙂


  9. Hey, I can only echo what people above have said, I go through book slumps because of a really bad or heavy or “not the right time” book or just from being really busy and the last thing I want to do in my free time is commit to something… but eventually you will snap out of it (in my experience, a month tops) when you see a book that you really really really really want to read. End of mojo-loss.


  10. I haven’t had this for as far as I remember, but I do know that at some point in my life I just wasn’t reading that much, because there were other things I was doing. 🙂

    I’ve heard people say that they try several books until they find one they like, and that gets them started again. So if these books don’t interest you too much, try something else.

    I’m on book 9 and 10 for this year but most of them were quick reads and one a DNF. I seem to be on a readathon since the beginning of the year!


  11. Who hasn’t been there? It’s completely normal. I say don’t stress about it; your desire to read will return. Everything experiences ebb and flow and you just go with it. It’s like this with everything: food, etc. your body and brain tell you they need a break, that’s all, and it’s time to explore something else and discover something new other than reading or eating, say, carrots all the time.

    See this as opportunity, a breather, before the plunge back in. We all need them.


  12. Oh, I’ve definitely been there. Just give it time. I usually start doing lots of rereads of children’s books when that happens to me, and if I give it enough time, I start craving grown-up fare again. :p


  13. Poor you! Why not try something light, easy and fast paced like Changeless? ;P However I think that considering how many books you normally read, it’s probably quite normal to slow down at certain point of the year. It’ll be back soon, your reading mojo!


  14. I have also had this kind of feelings several times, but don’t worry – it’s over soon. Sometimes it lasts few days, sometimes few weeks. Important is just not to make reading as a responsibility because then you can lose all the joy you get from reading.


  15. Oh no! Yes, this has happened to me. I usually force myself to read through it–mostly really short stuff, which helps. Or I go on a long movie binge, which also seems to help for some reason. The slumps last a few weeks tops, for me. I hope you pull through alright, and in the mean time, enjoy a break 🙂


  16. I went through a reading slump this past fall. I finally caved and picked up the Twilight series in December.. reading clump over. I say just treat yourself to some “book candy” to get your mojo back. Good luck!


  17. I go through periods like that too. I think we all do! You’ll come around. You just need the right book!

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, by the way!! You are too sweet.


  18. Best not to try at all! Once I put a self imposed ‘slow reading’ month on myself I started to get withdrawal symptoms. Do something totally different for a week like listen to music or just do transport with no entertainment at all… that’ll sort you out!


  19. Oh yes it has happened to me. I think i only read two books from Feb to April last year. And then i had another drought in the summer. I find it helps me to go back and reread favorite books or try some indulgent chick-lit that doesn’t need a lot of concentration. You will get your mojo back, I promise!


  20. It’s very often to me, it must be because I use to read 3,4 books at the same time, and I end up reading the largest book much more than the others. Maksim Górki helps.


  21. Oh God, yes! I am a literature student and sometimes I get fed up. I just can’t stand reading anymore, so I watch TV (good TV show, eh?).

    As someone’s already said, you just have to find the book that clicks. For me, it’s usually a plain but interesting best seller.

    Good luck!


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