Santa’s been!

He’s been, he’s been……

So, I trudge through my front gate, through the snow, wrapped up against the minus 5 temperatues with a big coats, a scarf, gloves and laden down with briefcase and papers feeling beyond exhausted and ready to collapse on to the sofa in a heap, when…..

I look down and there, on the welcome mat at my front door, it lays…….a huge book-shaped package! After a large intake of breath, a slight squeal and a remarkable renewal of energy, I swoop down and scoop said package lovinly into my arms. Come ot mama!

Once safely inside, and de-robed of my outer attire, I rip the package open and out drops two books and a bookmark with a lovely letter from my Secret Santa.

My Secret Santa is Barb from British Columbia in Canada (who blogs at She had sent me a picture book of British Columbia, a book called Santa Claus: A Biography by Gerry Bowler and a fabulous wooden bookmark!


Being fascintated and loving all things Christmas (have you noticed yet?) I was really excited to get the Santa Claus biography as it charts his origins and beliefs world wide etc which I find really interesting. It also has some lovely pictures in it.

I was really excited to get the British Columbia book as, and Barb doesn’t know this as we have never come across each others blogs before now, Mr Whisperer and I may have the chance to move to Canada with his work in year or so (for a couple of years) and the place we think we’d go to is Vancouver! There are some gorgoues photos in the book and I have really enjoyed looking through it.

Thank you to Barb, my Secret Santa for my wonderful gifts 🙂




16 thoughts on “Santa’s been!

  1. What a lovely gift! It’s so exciting to find mail has come for you, particularly when it’s from someone you’ve never met. I love the vibe this gives off and wish I’d been involved this year.

    I can’t believe you’d consider moving to Canada. FROM YORKSHIRE!!! You’re crazy.



  2. How nice, Boof! Great that the presents suited you so perfectly. I must check out Barb’s blog, I haven’t come across her either.

    I would move to Canada from Yorkshire. Well, I would move from the Netherlands, too! I think that should be really nice for a few years.


  3. Wow! Your gift is fantastic! LOVE the book! I am excited as I am doing this too. You reminded me I should check to see if the package I sent to mine arrived and I just got back from Honduras this morning so maybe that is what the package waiting for me at the post office is! SSSSQQQQUUUEEE!!!


  4. I’m so happy that you like your gifts 🙂 We have been getting warning about slow delivery of parcels to the UK because of the weather you are getting, so I have been sitting with fingers crossed! After reading your blog, the Santa Claus book was obvious, but the second book was a big deliberation! It’s an older book some some of the photos are out of date, but the ones that are there are beautiful! I was born in Toronto and moved here about 15 years ago. I’m very proud of my adopted home! It is very beautiful here with all the mountains, but it does rain alot! On the positive side, it rarely snows and often we pass winters with the temp rarely going below zero. That being said, the weatherman says we are in for a colder and snowier winter this year – my 7 year old is dancing in anticipation of the snow! Glad the gift found you safely! I hope you and your family have a great Christmas!


  5. Boof,

    How exciting to have the prospect of moving to Vancouver! My son is going to the University of British Columbia and I’ve been up to visit him several times, and always enjoy the city tremendously. It is really spectacular for both the scenery and weather (most of the time). You might enjoy a book that my son introduced me to on my last visit, Douglas Coupland’s City of Glass. He has a unique point of view about the city and there are lots of good pictures too.


  6. Hi Boof!!

    As a fellow book fanatic, I have enjoyed reading your blog. I love your idea of a secret santa and would likewise love to be involved. The world of books, writing and blogging is a sure haven from my reality…

    Keep up the blogging!


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