A trip to the Christmas Markets in Germany


Cologne, Germany

So I’m wondering if anyone has noticed yet that I quite like Christmas? 😉  No? Well allow me to present more evidence in that case:

This weekend, Mr Whisperer and I went on a three night break to Germany. We love to travel and explore new countries (see here for all the countries we have visited) and Germany is one that has passed us by until now. So, what better way to remedy that than to combine my love of travel and my love of Christmas.

We arrived in Dusseldorf and got the train to Cologne were there are a total of 7 markets each December than attract over 2 million visitors every year. The christmas markets in Europe go back hundreds of years in the German speaking parts, with Bautzen in eastern Germany being possibly the first in 1384, although Vienna in Austria did have its own December market as early as 1294. Since then they have sprung up all over the world, and we have even started getting one in Leeds (my nearest large city) a few years ago, but you just can’t beat the atmosphere of the real authentic markets in their country of origin.


The market at Cologne cathedral


What a magical experience. There were four Christmas markets in the German town of Cologne (on the Rhine) selling everything from hand-crafted toys through to delicious traditional German food and drink.


Wooden toys


Old fashioned childrens toys

Gorgeous soft toys

♪ ♫ Food, Glorious Food…♫ ♪

The most delicious sausages in the world - krakauer!


Stalls cooking hot food

Mr Whisperer fighting his way through the crowds for meat on a stick


I also met santa and I am pleased to report that he likes a good book too 🙂

Once upon a time...


I loved Germany so much and plan on going back to explore some more. The people were so friendly, and there was so much culture and history – loved it!

24 thoughts on “A trip to the Christmas Markets in Germany

  1. You must be well and truly in the Christmas mood after that (although I had no doubts before this post, either). It looks like a fantastic weekend.

    I’m actually much closer to Cologne than you, should be able to take the train there. Ah well, humbug!


      • No, I don’t think we have Christmas markets like that, maybe a few smaller ones. I know there are offers from travel companies for coach tours to the German Christmas markets, though!

        There is something that sounds great fun, that I haven’t been to and that is the Dickens Festival in a small-ish town in the East of the country. It’s just so busy, busy that I have been avoiding going but on the other hand, it might be great fun to experience it: http://www.dickensfestijn.nl (some pictures in the “foto’s” section.


  2. Oh! How lovely!~ I visited Cologne in the summer and it was STUNNING! My parents live in Germany (near Dusseldorf) so I’m going to visit them for our first German Christmas this year. Very excited!

    Also, am I imagining it or is your web page snowing??


    • Oh wow, that’s so cool that your parents live out there. What made them move there? (I’m really curious). I have a really idealised view of little German towns. I can’t wait to hear how your christmas is over there this year; will you be posting about it?

      Yes, that is snow! 🙂


  3. Looks like you had a great weekend! I love your pictures. I’ve been to Germany a few times because we have friends in Berlin, but I’ve never been for the Christmas markets. Maybe next year!


  4. Cologne’s Xmas market is my favorite, and luckly is very close here to Brussels.

    What did you think of teh Cathedral? I think it’s the “gothiest” Gothic Cathedral I’ve ever visited. It can imagine that’s how Sauroman’s Tower felt!


  5. How fun!
    There is a German-style Christmas market in downtown Chicago which is fun to walk through but I’d much rather experience the real thing. *sigh* You Europeans have all of the fun 🙂


  6. This looks like an awesome time! I love how much you travel; it’s so wonderful that you guys are just a hop, skip, and jump away from stuff like this so you can just go for a weekend. Goodness. We could drive for a weekend and still be in the same province. Well, not really, but for sure in the same country.

    I’m glad you had so much fun! Loved that photo of Mr. Whisperer with the meat on a stick. And that last photo and comment: priceless. 🙂


  7. Lovely photos, Boof. I love Christmas Markets but have yet to attend any other than the one locally here in Belfast. I also like the idea of that Dickensian market – maybe just as well I’m far away as my bank account couldn’t tolerate any more temptation. 😉


  8. Looks like something from a fairy tale. Absolutely gorgeous. I’m sending hello from snowy and cold Chicago and wish I was there. Love your blog.


  9. It seems you had a perfect weekend.

    I live in Dresden, Germany and am very proud to tell you that we have one of the most famous Christmas markets – the Striezelmarkt, which opened it’s doors for the 576th time this year. With it comes the very famous Christmas cake, the Dresden Stollen. Maybe you could come visit some time.


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