From bookworm to adrenalin junkie!

Where’s the books?

Not actually me


So this is how I have spent my Saturday…..whizzing up and down hills, through water and mud at what felt like 100mph on a quad bike – I LOVED IT! Who knew I was such a speed demon?


And then home….


What better way to unwind?



17 thoughts on “From bookworm to adrenalin junkie!

  1. Oh, that bath looks tempting. I’ve been meaning to have one with a book for eons. Something else always comes up and keeps me from it!

    I think I wouldn’t use a tray like that, as pretty as it looks. I would feel strange not holding my book.


  2. I like your word for that vehicle you’re riding better than the American one-we call it a four-wheeler, but quad bike sounds like something civilized people might ride of an afternoon!


  3. I am always petrified of reading in the bathtub. I’ve done it before, but I have a hard time enjoying myself because I can’t stop envisioning all the ways I could screw up and drop my book in the bathwater.


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