A brief hiatus

Reading in Cumbria

Just wanted to pop on and say hello as I haven’t been around much this week. Work has been very hectic (but loving it!) and I went away to Cumbria for the weekend (it snowed overnight too!).

I have a million and one reviews to post (I need to get off my backside and write them first though ;)) and an author interview to do with the very lovely (and very patient)  R J Ellory (winner of this years Theakston’s Crime Fiction award).

So while I clear my backlog of work and reviews I will leave you with this picture of me reading while driving over the Pennines this weekend (well, Mr Whisperer is driving obviously – I just have my feet up in the car admiring the view and enjoying my book!)


13 thoughts on “A brief hiatus

  1. Before I realised that that side of the car is obviously not the side on which the wheel is situated in the UK, I was shocked that you would read and drive at the same time.. Obviously, you are not 🙂

    I do understand the hiatus, I am working on my backlog at the moment, but it is going very slowly. I hope the crazy busy time at work passes soon!


  2. Hi Boof,

    It certainly does look a bit bleak through your windscreen. Saturday, down here in Somerset wasn’t too bad a day, but Sunday we saw pretty much what you were looking at, minus the snow of course!!

    We haven’t been up to Cumbria and The Lake District for donkeys years, but the last time we did, it rained buckets and we saw nothing, until the day we came home of course and then the sun shone beautifully.

    For me, it’s not so much getting the reviews done, it’s finding time to read in the first place, it’s so manic just now. I am trying to read for the pleasure of it, with the blogging taking second place, but this blogging lark gets to be addictive and I find myself chatting all night to people, about everything except for books, then can’t understand where the time has gone.

    Still, I have made some great new ‘virtual friends’ and they all have something interesting to say.

    Hope your week gets less stressful as it goes along.


    • I love the Lakes, Yvonne – we’re going again in a couple of week. This time we were abit further north so it was very bleak but I just love this landscape – makes me feel like I can breathe.

      I keep thinking my blog should take a back seat too – I need to just enjoy my books – but I feel bad if I don’t keep it up to date.


  3. I was at a drive through once and while I was waiting in line to pull up I opened my book to read. When I arrived at the drive through window to pick up my food I still had the book open on my lap open. As I was pulling away I heard the lady at the window whisper loudly to her co-workers, “That lady was reading while driving!”


    Great pic- glad you are having fun 🙂


      • I can recognise my own name at a hundred paces! It’s useful in bookshops when picking out the one copy of my book under piles of celebrity autobiographies…Hope you enjoyed it x


      • Ahh yes, those celebrity biographies come out en masse at this time of year don’t they? There must be another Katie Price one by how – we haven’t heard every intimate detail of her life THIS year yet.

        I’m still reading The Janus Stone – I am so busy at the moment that I’m not reading very fast which is excactly why I picked it up in the first place – I wanted a comfort read, something I KNEW I would enjoy. I was right – I am LOVING it!! 🙂


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