A Spooktacular October and an Indulgent November


What a spooktacular month October was….I embarked on my mission to read only spooky or scary books in honour of Halloween.

My mission was to find something that scared the pants off me. Did I find it? 

Read in October:



Naomi’s Room by Jonathan Aycliffe 

The Phantom Coach by Amelia B Edwards

Comes the Blind Fury by John Saul

Classic Victorian and Edwardian Ghost Stories by Various – review coming shortly

Halloween Party by Agatha Christie

Dark Matter: A Ghost Story by Michelle Paver

Dracula by Bram Stoker – review coming shortly

Books reviewed (but not read) as part of the Dare you read it? series:

The Little Stranger by Sarah Waters

Her fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger


So what are my spooky recommendations?


Disappointingly, I didn’t find any book that scared the wits out of me, which really surprised me as I am an absolute wimp when it comes to scary films. That said, I really enjoyed every single book I read this month and although I didn’t find anything to freak me out, some of the books were really well written with regards to creating errie atmosphere and here are my top two:



My indulgent November



And now on to this month…

I am planning a month of pure indulgent reading. Whatever I fancy: no rules, no must-reads, no specific genres, authors, publishers……nada!

I will read what I want when I want – bliss! I already have a few books in mind, but I may change my mind on a whim:

On my possible list are:

The Janus Stone by Elly Griffiths

Crescendo by Becca Fitzpatrick

Twisted Wing by Ruth Newman

A Mary Higgins Clark (dunno which one)

The Tapestry of Love by Rosy Thornton

Changeless by Gail Carriger


Or maybe not…..


What are your reading plans for this month?



14 thoughts on “A Spooktacular October and an Indulgent November

  1. Oh, The Tapestry of Love looks fitting for that bath with candles 🙂

    I’m sorry I did not get to participate in your spooky reading month! I am such a whimp when it comes to scary stories that I actually gave up reading them at all.


  2. Great, an indulgent November! I love it when I have very few reading commitments. It’s the same for me this month (and some of October, already): I can choose more or less whatever I want. Not quite, but they are mainly restrictions I put on myself.

    Have fun reading this month!


  3. Not read anything on your maybe list, Boof, but I’m planning a similar sort of of November – curled up by the fire with a glass of vino… I’m reading The Savage Garden by Mark Mills at the moment, and once that’s out of the way there’s The Whole Day Through by Patrick Gale, and Michael Holroyd’s monster biography of Augustus John – part of the reseacrh for my next book. Enjoy your indulgent month!


    • Great to hear from you Katherine! 🙂 Curling up by the fire with a book and a glass of wine – heaven. I plan on lots of this type of reading this month. And – oooooh, a hint about your next book (how exciting!). I need to google Augustus John now 😉


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