Book Review: Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir

Wow! I loved this! It was like watching a series of Shameless but with posh people. Greed, bad mothers, bad fathers, plotting, bitching, murdering, affairs, rape……phew! Really, you couldn’t make this stuff up!

Seriously though, this is such a well written account of Lady Jane Grey, the young 16 year old Queen of England who only ruled for 9 days. It starts at her birth (to a mother who would have been carted off by social services today) and follows her throughout her 16 years by her own account and by accounts of those closest to her. Poor girl! She really was just a pawn in her parents greedy plans and ultimately met her death because of it. Lady Jane Grey was a complete surprise to me too: she was wilfull, feisty, somewhat precocious and very pious. For a girl to speak her mind so much in those days must have been incredibly difficult but speak it she does. The other big surprise for me was Queen Mary who was kind and compassionate in a way that I never knew. I thoroughly enjoyed this book – my first Weir. Never a dull moment, it rips along making you unwilling to put it down. An amazing period in history has been brought vibrantly to life. Stunningly good read!


7 thoughts on “Book Review: Innocent Traitor by Alison Weir

  1. I have wondered what this one was like, I have read a couple of Alison Weir’s non fiction biogs/histories which were always easy to read and entertaining, I guess it is a natural progression to write a novel, it must have allowed her to shade in areas of her subjects life in a way that straight biography would not have allowed. Lady Jane Grey would be such a fascinating topic.


  2. Hi Boof !!!!This is Virginie (on Goodreads and Victorians)from France
    Your lit blog is just great, I put it in my “favorites”.and check on it everyday…..You are adding many titles to my TBR list, this is terrible ;-D but I am so glad you do !!!!
    This one sounds great.
    Have a sweet week end !!
    Love, Virginie


  3. Hello! I enjoyed Innocent Traitor but I read it after The Lady Elizabeth by the same author and I think I slightly prefered The Lady Elizabeth – maybe because the characters overlapped into both books. In The Lady Elizabeth, I found the details and research on Princess Elizabeth who later became Queen Elizabeth 1 fascinating as most information (fact or fiction) written about her is usually after she became queen.
    Love the website! I have a clever daughter!!


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